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Borque Garza Abogados is a law firm practicing in the city of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  Our highly qualified staff offers immediate response to the specific needs of our Clients and Partners, exceeding their expectations and offering maximum satisfaction.

Our specialized Lawyers provide professional solutions to legal questions arising on civil, family, commercial, labor, criminal and corporate matters, based on their experience, ability and talent.

We can guarantee that all our clients, either individuals, companies or institutions, will be receiving the best legal advice when seeking for practical and effective legal solutions.

We offer personalized attention 24 hours a day, our team of experts are always available to provide prompt and efficient solutions to all matters we are entrusted to solve.Borque Garza Abogados is characterized by providing security and loyalty, forming bonds of trust and friendship with our clients, which allows us to take care of the cases that they put in our hands with complete transparency.

Professional background: Borque Garza Abogados Attorneys are graduates from recognized universities, have advanced specializations in legal matters, both in Mexico and abroad and are trained to provide bilingual counseling: English-Spanish.

The above allows us to introduce ourselves as one of the most respected firms offering legal and corporate advice, designed to meet your needs and provide appropriate and effective advice.


Lic. Juan Carlos G. Borque Garza
Senior Partner

Borque Garza Abogados

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